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Custom-Formulators and Private Labelers

Enhance the effectiveness and marketability of your custom formulation by utilizing the world’s premiere Cyanophyta, (Blue-Green Alga); Aphanizomenon flos-aquae.

Ancient Sun Nutrition offers your company the opportunity to utilize the finest quality, wild blue-green algae on the market. Today, the market for super foods is growing exponentially, yet it is still in its infancy. As an Ancient Sun commercial customer, you have access to a wide array of specialized knowledge and technical expertise in the explosive field of whole food nutrition. Our primary focus is on Aphanizomenon flos-aquae, or AFA for short. AFA is a wild, highly nutritious blue-green alga growing in abundance in Upper Klamath Lake in southern Oregon. Klamath Lake Algae is one of the last commercially significant sources of wild, nutrient dense, whole food nutrition.

Drawing on more than 30 years of combined AFA research, including fieldwork, harvesting and processing experience, technical development, and marketing expertise, the Ancient Sun Team offers experienced support and expert guidance in order to assure a successful outcome to any custom project. ASNI commercial services include:
  • Concept evaluation and project development support
  • Access to existing & ongoing scientific studies and support materials
  • Strategic planning and marketing services
  • Private label services (contracted separately with upfront fees)
  • State of the art scientific research & testing facilities (contracted separately)
  • Customized product development for specific markets
  • International planning and marketing services
• Alkalization • Appetite suppression • Aquaculture (fish food) • Aquacuetical (bottled drinks) • Aquarium • Attention, memory & focus • Backpacking and hiking • Blood sugar support • Behavioral • Brain function • Chelation aid • Cleansing and detoxification • Digestive aid • Drug and alcohol rehabilitation • Equestrian • Energy bar • Foliar plant food • Green or super foods • Healthy longevity • Immune function support • Joint and tissue support • Military • Mood enhancement • Personal care • Regeneration • Seniors • Sexual aids • Skin & Beauty • Small animal & pet food • Spa and juice bar • Sports nutrition • Soil amendment • Survival & emergency • World nourishment • Yoga

Commercial Products:
The Ancient Sun line of bulk raw materials and ingredients includes the following:
  • Fresh-Dried AFA flakes, crystals or powder
  • Fresh-Dried & standard AFA animal grade flakes, crystals or powder
  • Aphanin concentrated/extract in powder and liquid (joint & tissue support)
  • Phycomin concentrated/extract in powder or liquid (brain & nervous system)
  • Whole AFA Bulk Capsules (400mg)
  • Whole AFA Bulk Tablets (360mg)
  • Aphanin bulk capsules (360mg)
  • Phycomin bulk capsules (360mg)

    All bulk ingredients are certified organic with kosher and halal certification.

    Fresh-Dried AFA
    Ancient Sun is the first and only company offering, premium Fresh-Dried™ wild crafted, blue-green algae, utilizing Refractance Window™ Drying Technology. The harvesting and processing of Fresh Dried™ AFA involves various proprietary technologies and processes, ensuring AFA is extracted from its pristine environment without damaging its fragile nutritional integrity or the natural environment from which it springs. The result is the freshest, best tasting and most potent and effective algae yet available.

    ASNI products bearing the Fresh-Dried™ name have undergone a harvesting and drying process that is unique among harvesters and processors of AFA. The secret of the advanced Fresh-Dried™ process involves exclusive use of The Refractance Window Drying™ Technology. Our Fresh-Dried™ AFA is dried immediately after harvesting, eliminating the need for freezing the algae. Freezing AFA, like all whole foods, damages the delicate cellular structure of the algae, resulting in a loss of energetic integrity, nutrient retention and freshness.

    Documented Health Benefits
    Numerous scientific and medical studies have documented the extraordinary effects of AFA to support the healthy function of:
    • The immune system
    • Joints and tissues
    • Brain and nervous system
    • A balanced metabolism and healthy digestive tract**

    Commonly reported responses to the use of AFA are:
    • Increased energy, stamina, attention, focus, and mental clarity
    • Maintenance of a healthy blood sugar level
    • Improved circulation
    • Promotion and maintenance of physical and mental well-being

    **These statements have not been evaluated by the US Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    Your Product Needs
    Your needs and goals are unique to your particular business. Ancient Sun’s corporate philosophy regarding commercial projects is to seek to understand potential customers needs and desires. At this stage, we send the customer a confidentiality agreement for both parties to sign. Following this, our technical sales staff will evaluate your project to be sure it doesn’t conflict with the relationships, plans or products of existing Ancient Sun customers. Once the decision is made to move forward with your potential project, we email you a questionnaire to fill out and return and we will provide the customer with all technical product specifications, packaging specs and quality assurance documents. Once we have received the information we need, we will fax or email a written and signed quotation, good for up to six months. After written acceptance of the quotation is received from your company, we will send a simple agreement to be signed and returned to ASNI.

    Shipping and Payment Options
    We use the freight company of your choice or the best carrier to deliver to your particular destination safely and in the time frame desired. Your company is responsible for freight charges and any other costs such as insurance, customs duties, special packaging requirements, etc. All orders must be placed by written or faxed purchase order and sent to Ancient Sun. Receipt of 50% of order total is required prior to release of order for shipment, with balance due within 30 days. (Customer will provide a credit application and we must approve your credit prior to any shipments being released. If credit is not approved, customer must pay total in advance of shipping.)

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