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Immune Health
Below is an excerpt from the book Primordial Food: Aphanizomenon flos-aquae by Christian Drapeau. Mr. Drapeau is a well-known wild food expert, author, research scientist and neurophysiologist who has lectured on nutrition to over 30,000 people internationally since 1994. Since 1995, Mr. Drapeau has been pursuing scientific research in collaboration with various universities and research centers on the health benefits of AFA. In this section of his book Primordial Food, various studies are discussed which show that AFA supports the healthy function of the immune system by stimulating the mobilization and migration of immune cells.

The Stimulating Effects of AFA on Natural Killer Cells
Natural killer cells, a type of lymphocyte, are a part of the immune system and are mainly responsible for the detection and destruction of cancerous and virally infected cells in the body. In a double-blind crossover study, the immediate effect of AFA on natural killer (NK) cells was evaluated on 21 normal, healthy volunteers. Within two hours, the ingestion of AFA resulted in a significant decrease (40%) of NK cells in the blood (Figure 1). This data was interpreted to signify the migration of NK cells from the blood to the tissue, promoting immune patrolling in the tissues.59 Close analysis of the data revealed that this effect was barely detectable the first time individuals consumed AFA. However, after a few weeks of daily consumption of AFA, migration increased and had its maximum effect. The study shows that the benefits on the immune system are not cumulative, but come with regular daily consumption.

Stimulating Migration
Natural killer (NK) cells are known scavengers of virally infected and cancerous cells. They destroy cells that are altered either due to viral infection or malignant transformation. They work by inducing the affected cell to undergo programmed cell death. Although NK cells are normally measured in blood, it is in the tissues that they perform immune surveillance and eliminate virally infected or cancerous cells. Many substances are known to improve the activity of NK cells, such as green tea and ginkgo biloba. But until this recent finding on AFA, no natural substance was known to stimulate natural killer cells to migrate into the tissues to search and destroy “sick” cells. This research suggests that eating AFA daily may stimulate the immune system to help prevent cancer as well as illnesses associated with viral infections. The anticancer properties of AFA have already been established by its ability to prevent cancer in the Ames test.60

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